Location Sound Services

Bruce Litecky Sound Mixer

As a mixer, my goal is to work seamlessly with the camera and lighting departments yet still capture all the dialogue the way the director intends it. With today's production schedules and budgets, it is even more important to get it right the first time. 

My background in documentary production has given me the experience and skill to approach filming situations that only happen once. My extensive work on commercial productions has added extremely high production values to my recording techniques. 

Work on so many varied projects allowed me to assemble a kit that is capable of both large-scale multi-microphone production environments and being able to break away for improvisational or verité situations. I am extremely practiced with radio microphones and have had great results with these often temperamental tools. 

My background is not limited to sound. I got my start in the industrial market and worked on all phases of production from lighting to editing. I spent quite some time as a camera assistant and rostrum cameraman before devoting my time strictly to sound. 

I have been a sound recordist and mixer since 1976. I am very comfortable around equipment and have experience in repair and design. Always ready to try new technologies, I had the first center-track time code Nagra sold to an individual here in the United States. 

As digital technologies became available, I started with Sony PCM equipment and moved to DAT as soon as it was available. Long before Virtual Reality became a buzz word, I was experimenting with binaural sound at a level far beyond that going on in some research labs. I look forward to each project not only for what I can bring to it, but for what I can learn as well.

Bruce Litecky CAS Production Sound Mixer